Introducing “Surface Book”

Unlike, much of the population I do not own a MacBook (I actually never, ever have). I have owned the Microsoft Surface range for a long time now and I keep coming back for more. I even recently upgraded to my favourite yet, the Surface Book.


There was nothing mechanically wrong with my Surface Pro 3, aside from a temperamental charger, but there were things about the way it was made that was not functional for me anymore.  Including that I wanted to go back to a laptop design so that I can use it easier in bed or on the couch (priorities!). I have enjoyed the Surface Pro 3 for almost four years so I thought it was time to move on while I could still get some money for it on Ebay (to go towards purchasing the Surface Book).

Anyway, enough about the old…

In with the new.

I went for the base model Surface Book, as it is sufficient for what I use my computer for- the higher models are more appropriate for visual design, gaming, and other computer programming.


I wanted to share my favourite things about the Surface Book in case anyone is in the market for a new tool!

The Screen Size- The Surface Book is slightly larger than my old Surface Pro which makes it easier to work from. The screen is large enough to comfortably type documents and use excel (which is basically my life at the moment).


The Weight- Although the Surface book is slightly heavier than my old Surface Pro, it is still a very lightweight machine (whilst still feeling robust), it is easy to cart around campus.


The Pen- The Surface Pen has improved immensely since my previous one. Writing on the screen actually now feels like writing on paper, which is something I wanted when taking notes in lectures/meetings. There are also interchangeable pen nibs now (to mimic pencils, paint brushes etc.)

The Tablet- Just like the old Surface Pro’s, the Surface Book can still turn into a tablet. This is so handy when writing notes, reading articles, or watching Netflix!


The Laptop- My favourite part about Surface Book is that it turns into a true laptop. It stands up on its own, and the keyboard is a lot more robust than the Surface Pro, it truly does give you the best of both worlds.

I am so happy with my Surface Book, and hope that it will last me to the end of my PhD (although the way I am going, I may still be doing my PhD in 10 years- kidding, kind of!).

For more information about Surface Book or the other Microsoft Surface products go here:

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