Improving Your House Condition Before Valuation

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When it comes to selling our home or moving on, we hope to gain the most amount of value we can. This is because the price we sell for will immediately dictate just where and how we can finance the upcoming move, as well as the new home we hope to acquire. This is an exciting milestone to reach, but it can also be quite worrying. When selling an older piece of jewelry online, for example, we may feel a little anxious hoping that our online auction will pick up momentum and that the asking price we have set is considered reasonable by those browsing.

That feeling can be magnified to an unlimited degree when it comes to selling your home. This is because not only is selling your home a means in which to raise funds, but also a judgment based on the renovation work you may have applied there over the years. With the following advice, you’ll be sure to arrange your home in tip-top shape before the valuing agent arrives to figure out your best asking price.


Please, consider:

Garden & Driveway Health

The first impressions are important to get right when impressing a valuer or potential home buyers coming to view your property. This means that ensuring the driveway is in good condition (such as cracks in the concrete being attended to) can be a vital step. You may also find that ensuring your garden is well trimmed, the seasonal debris is removed, and that tree removal of rotting or otherwise unhealthy trees can be a great means in helping the space open up and to take care of some of that work ahead of time. This way, the land (no matter how small) of your property can be a massive boon.


Overall Tidiness & Condition

The overall tidiness and condition of your home can speak volumes about it. It can be worthwhile to put some of your items in storage if they are not tastefully placed, as when you think about it, you wish to have your home seem as open as possible and allow prospective viewers to imagine themselves living there. When you can present your home in the best possible condition (although of course don’t be afraid to live in it), you are more likely to give a positive impression.


Repairing Damage

Taking the time to repair the damage or wear and tear of your household now can serve the same purpose as all of the other tidbits of advice here so far. For example, if your kitchen or garage door is a little sticky and you find it hard to open, oil the hinges or repair the fault ahead of time. The same goes for lightbulbs you may not have replaced, cracks in the windows, or patio slabs in your garden path that have cracks in them. You never know just how much this can influence the aesthetic whole of your home for the better.


With this advice, you’re sure to improve your house condition before valuation.

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