Iceland; Fire, Ice & All things nice

It has been almost two years since I visited Iceland, and I honestly still can’t believe that I experienced such a beautiful country.  You can read the blog post I wrote just after visiting here



Can also watch a short vlog here 

Iceland is not like anywhere else I have visited- such extreme natural elements that are both terrifying and beautiful. 

The city of Reykjavik may be small but it punches way above its weight in culture, bars, and vibrancy- the perfect base to explore all that Iceland has to offer. It is very (VERY) expensive…I’m talking $35 AUS for a cocktail, and ~$300 AUS a night for a very average hotel. So be prepared to spend some cash. But don’t let that scare you off- Reykjavik is a place that will be etched in your both your memory and soul. 

Although Reykjavik is great, no one goes to Iceland for the city… you go for black sand beaches (which due to a blizzard I sadly missed), volcanos, the blue lake, and the Icelandic horses. Some of the scenes from Iceland are oversaturated on social media feeds, however I can truly attest to the fact that no matter how many photos of the Blue Lake you have seen, nothing can prepare you for when you are standing there and looking with your own eyes.


Iceland will make you feel rejuvenated, connected with nature,  and truly in awe of this planet we call home.

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