How You Can Maintain a Good Work and Life Balance

**In Collaboration** 

When you work for yourself, or are studying, then getting a work and life balance is something that can be a bit of a juggle. When there are deadlines to meet and assignments to get done, then it can be hard to just think about booking a doctor’s appointment or going to your child’s dance recital. If you work from home then it should be easier to switch off, right? You don’t have anyone to answer to. But in fact, working from home can mean that you end up working more hours than before, and because the lines around home and work life are quite muddled, then it can be even harder to get a good work and life balance. So with that in mind, here are some of the best tips to help you to achieve a better balance, because making it a priority will mean that you are more organized and much less stressed.


Play to your strengths

It is hard to say no to people, but it can be hard to be all things to all people. You need to be able to focus on your strengths and do what you really excel at. There will be other things that you need to do, or are part of the job or business, but you can simply outsource the rest of them. If things are taking you a long time because you don’t know what to do with them or how to do them, then outsourcing stops you wasting time. 


Plot some personal time

There can be some personal issues that arise, as we all have a life outside of work and of outside of studying. When some personal issues arise, it can be quite tempting to bury your head into work, and put off dealing with some issues. If you aren’t making time for your personal life, then it isn’t a positive step to take and could mean that you don’t have a business to go back to. 


Consider a different workspace

If you are someone that works from home, then part of the trouble with your work and life balance can come from the fact that you are at home. You can get distracted with the laundry or the cleaning, as well as normal life admin. So it could be a good idea to think about something like a coworking space for flexible working professionals, or perhaps going to a coffee shop from time to time to get some work done and getting out of the house. It can help you to feel more focused. You could also look at a company like ELPOR if you have space for an outdoor cabin or ‘granny flat’ that you could use. Then you can literally close the door on your work at the end of the day, and that can make a difference to the balance you have.


Manage your time, long term

It is such a good idea to have a calendar to map out your time and your plans, so that you can be more organized. Break down the commitments and tasks that you have, then who they involve. Then you can arrange things like children’s parties, family commitments, meetings, and appointments. 

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