How to tackle a Holiday Hangover

Perhaps the worst part about going on a month-long adventure, to amazing parts of the World, is coming home to a pile of work taller than Big Ben (almost!). The Holiday Hangover is dangerous, particularly because during this time it is soooo tempting to book another adventure (which I have already done-oops!), however work needs to get done for more adventures too- so these are my tips for tackling that Holiday Hangover.


  1. Give yourself a few extra days- ¬†Book a couple extra days off work when you get back (if you can), or if you’re lucky like me and work is flexible, just take a couple of extra days. Travelling is exhausting, and combining that with Jetlag is particularly brutal, so don’t try to over do it the first few days (your work wont be of high quality anyway, so you might as well rest).
  2. Get organised- Spend your first morning back at work organising everything. Update your diary, write a to-do list, and clean your desk.
  3. Nourish your body- As I said, travelling is exhausting and it can definitely take a toll on your body. Nourish yourself with sleep, good food, exercise, and plenty of water. You want to try to avoid getting sick.
  4. Face your inbox- Opening your email can be daunting at the best of times, let alone after ignoring them for a month. But, don’t put it off! Spend the time to reply to the important ones and delete the unnecessary ones.
  5. Treat yo self- Give yourself the barista made coffee, or a breakfast out.

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