How To Survive Your Final Year At University

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Students get a bit of a raw deal in society. They’re constantly the butt of jokes about being lazy and sleeping in until the afternoon. Anybody that’s been to university will tell you how false that picture is. There are, of course, some lazy students that don’t do much but most students actually work incredibly hard to get their degree. It’s hard right from the outset, but the real struggle comes when you get to your final year. You’ve got to write a dissertation and study for all of those final exams and it feels as though everything rests on the next couple of months. If you’ve reached that point and you’re struggling to get by, try some of these tips to help you out.



Plan Your Time Properly


The absolute worst thing you can do is spend a week pulling all-nighters to cram all of your revision and essay writing in before the deadline. You won’t be doing effective work and you can damage your health if you aren’t sleeping properly. The simple way around this is to plan your time properly and start earlier. It seems so daunting when you’ve got a huge dissertation to write and loads of exams to prep for but once you start breaking that work down into smaller tasks, it suddenly becomes a lot more manageable. By writing a proper timetable, you can make sure that you’re getting started on things with enough time and you’re splitting your time equally between everything so you don’t fall behind. Do this as soon as possible, it’ll make life a lot less stressful for you.


Get A Tutor


Sometimes, you just don’t understand something. No matter how many times you go over it, you just can’t get it. That’s fine and it happens to all of us. If you’re finding certain areas particularly difficult, you should find a private tutor. They’ll be able to help you with the areas that you aren’t so confident in. They’ll also be able to give you good advice on studying and time management techniques to make the workload more manageable. Getting a tutor to help you out could mean the difference between a pass and a fail on those last exams so it’s worth investing in.


Be Healthy


When you’re stuck in your room studying all the time, it’s easy to fall into unhealthy habits. But living off cans of energy drink and frozen pizza is the worst thing you can do. Eating bad food will sap your energy and impair brain function because you aren’t getting any nutrition. Make sure that you’re eating healthy food with plenty of fruit and vegetables and try to get out and exercise regularly.




Going out with friends probably doesn’t fit into your revision timetable but it should. If you’re working constantly without taking time off, you’ll burn yourself out and you won’t work effectively. There’s nothing wrong with taking the night off and blowing off some steam with friends, you’ll feel much better when you get back to work the next day.

The final year of university is a huge challenge and it sometimes feels like you’ll never make it. Follow these tips and you’ll come out the other side with a great result.

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