How To Stay On Top Of Self-Care As A Student

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If you’re a student, self-care is one of the most important things for you to stay on top of. Sure, your assignments are pretty important too, but if you’re not looking after yourself, you’ll soon spiral down into a bad place that you’ll struggle to get out of, and you won’t be able to do any assignments then.

Going to college or university is a big step, and you’ll be getting used to being away from home, finding your feet somewhere else, and trying to balance all of your work and your finances. It can be difficult to maintain it all, but we’ve put together some simple tips to help you to exercise some self-care.


Get some exercise in

Sometimes, your exercise as a student is that 5 minute walk to the library, and you may not move around much during the day, especially if you have a deadline coming up. However, there is nothing that is more important to your body and mind than staying active, and you don’t want to become lethargic. Try to fit in exercise where you can, even if it’s only a brisk walk for half an hour a day.

Ask for help

One of the main things that can lead you to spiral as a student is that you’re keeping in way too many emotions, and you’re trying to handle things that you just can’t deal with. Don’t hold these feelings in, and speak to somebody at your university or the support services at Bluesky Psychology. There is nothing to be embarrassed about, and this could help to lighten the load.

Lay off the drink

When you first go to university, it can be hard to escape the drinking culture that surrounds it. Sure, going out for a few drinks can help you to meet people (and in some cases make lifelong friends) but this won’t be good for your mental health in the long-run, so learn when to say ‘no’ when it comes to drinking. The hangovers won’t help you with your assignments, either.


Visit home

Sometimes, you just struggle at university because you’re feeling a little bit homesick. There is nothing that a hug from your family members can’t fix (and you’ll be missing the cooking there too, when you’re looking down the spoon into another bowl of cereal) so don’t think twice about making the trip back home if you feel like it. It can boost your mood, and make you feel more at ease.

So, if you’re a student and you want to ensure that you’re getting self-care right, try out a few of these simple tips. You will struggle at times, and there is nothing wrong with this, just like there is nothing wrong with admitting that it is the case. We all go through it, so ensure that you’ve got your own back, as you don’t want to end up making things worse for yourself by neglecting your emotions.

Have fun, enjoy university, and remember that a trip home sometimes is good for the soul!

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