How To Prepare Your Lovely Home For 2020 100%

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There are two kinds of people who function in two different ways when it comes to massive milestones, such as the end of the decade that is drawing near and nearer each day. Some take this as a sign of progress, of excitement, of change. They may start making their resolutions known now, while crafting social plans with their family and developing and planning out their gym schedules.

Some, on the other hand, might feel anxious. Not everyone likes change, especially when the end of the year suggests personal reflection, considering what progress you have made that year.

However, if there’s one thing that can sooth those with electrifying excitement while also comforting those who are unsure and need a little pick-me-up, it’s caring for their homes. Our homes are much more than simple blank spaces with decorations according to ones’ tastes. They are more than just shelter, keeping us away from the freezing temperatures. They are an extension of our personality, and often renewing this can help us feel refreshed ourselves. What better milestone to complete this by than 2020?


Here’s some advice to this end:


Declutter Effectively

It’s quite incredible just how much stuff we can accumulate within our homes over the years, and this is even more true if you have children. Little toys here, odd decorations here, gifts for certain events during the year, small purchases you have made when walking through town – it can pile endlessly. While you may be a far cry from appearing on one of those ‘hoarding’ television programs, it can sometimes feel a little nerve-wracking to see your home begin to clutter.

So why let this happen? A good few decluttering days, roping in your kids to help, can help you find no small amount of items to sell, store or throw out entirely, using cheaper bin hire to take of everything. This can feel thoroughly restorative, and will show the true size of your home once more.


Become Creative

We often think of sorting out our homes as a boring chore, perhaps given a little levity through listening to music or podcasts. But there’s no reason why this should only be a cleaning or delittering endeavor. You may decide to paint a wall mural with your family, or being sewing new embroidery in your cushions, or paint your kitchen table an eggshell white and varnish it, allowing the furniture item to look brand new. It’s this kind of effort that can feel the most restorative.


Go All Out For The Festivities

With your home cleaned, your creativity applied and your soul in good spirits, you may decide to go all out for the festivities. Perhaps this year you’ll host a Christmas party for your friends, or cook for all of your family, or finally bring in those decorations that you have been sitting on for some time. A home is not just a place that needs to be preen and perfect, but a place to enjoy all of our limited time on this earth. With a little care and attention, you can see off this decade with enthusiasm and care.

With these tips, we hope you are more than able to enjoy your lovely home, preparing it for 2020 well.


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