How To Keep Your House Warm and Cosy This Winter

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There’s nothing worse than feeling cold in your home over Winter. Whether there’s a draft getting in or your heating just isn’t doing the job, feeling the cold can be miserable. You’ll feel much better if your home is warm and cosy. Here are some ways to help make your house much warmer through the cold weather. 


Embrace Hygge

Hygge is the Danish and Norweigan concept of cosiness. If anyone is going to know about making things cosy during the cold, it’s going to be a country with a climate like Norway. Hygge means making things as cosy as possible at home, with things like blankets, soft textures in your furnishings, log fires, and plenty of mugs of tea. 

By making things cosy, your home will feel like a much more comfortable place to be, whatever the temperature is like outside. 


Invest In Underfloor Heating

Invest in underfloor heating from an electric floor heater store. Underfloor heating can be a really efficient way to keep your house warm. Heat rises, so it will rise up through the house and keep the whole place warm. Plus, a warm floor feels wonderful under cold feet when temperatures drop. 


Close The Curtains At Night

A lot of heat escapes through the windows, so keep the heat in the house by closing your curtains early in the evening. As soon as it starts to get dark, shut the curtains to keep the heat in the house all evening, instead of letting it escape out through the glass. By keeping the heat in, your house will be warmer and you’ll save money on the heating bill. 


Let Sunlight In

During the day, keep the curtains open and let in as much sunlight as possible. Even if the winter sun is weak, it has enough heat left in it to warm your house up, especially when focussed through the glass of your windows. Some light getting in will improve your mood too, so you’ll feel better as well as warmer, despite the miserable weather going on outside. 


Move Furniture Away From Heaters

Sometimes, laying out furniture in a room means having to block radiators or heating vents with your furniture. If the heater is blocked, the hot air can’t get around the room as efficiently, so it doesn’t heat the house properly. If you can, move your furniture away from heaters and vents, so they have clear space around them to work in a more efficient way. If you can’t move it completely out of the way, then try to at least leave a bit of a gap to allow the heat to properly circulate. 


Keeping your house warm will improve your mood over winter, and by making your heating more efficient by keeping the heat inside, you can make heating your house much cheaper, saving yourself a lot of money on the heating bill. Using less energy to heat the house also makes your house more energy-efficient, which is better for the environment too. 


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