How to keep up to date with the world.

For a while I have intentionally shut myself off from the ‘news’ world for a few reasons including that getting bombarded with horrible news all the time provoked anxiety and also that through my research I know how skewed the news media can be. So for a long time the only news I read was on the news app on my phone. While keeping my head in the sand was blissful, since starting a new job I have realised the importance of being up to date with current events (not just mainstream news) but a range of world events, technology trends, and research advances. A breadth of knowledge is such an asset, particularly when working in research.


So I have made an effort to connect myself back to the world and there are some of the ways…

1. The Hustle- I saw The Hustle on an Instagram sponsored advert and I thought I would give it a go….those pesky marketers succeeding again. Basically, The Hustle sends a short and humorous daily email with biteable nuggets of knowledge- mostly relating to business and technology. Ps its free!

2. Eavesdrop (in a non-creepy way)- When sitting in a café working on your PhD occasionally avoid putting headphones in and listen to the conversations happening around you. Such a diverse variety of conversations discussing both worldly and local topics happen in cafes.

3. Research- Spend 10-15 minutes a week having a scroll through random keyword searches on google scholar (ensuring you select current 2019 articles). Don’t overwhelm yourself with 50 pages of statistics but skim the abstracts. This will allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of new research.

4. Social Media- You can curate the type of news you want on social media by who you follow. I learn a lot through all the amazing science communicators I follow on drofwhat.

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