How to have a productive holidays!

School’s out, scream and shout…. Because you have a million assignments to do…

Many uni students are currently on holidays, and school holidays are also fast approaching, so I thought now is a perfect time to reveal my tips for having a productive holidays.

Tip 1: Plan! Write down a list of tasks that you must complete during the holidays and then place them onto a two week planner (or however long your holidays are). This will allow you to visually see what your days will look like, fit everything in, and also allows you to schedule in some ‘you time’, it is the holidays after all.

Tip 2: Don’t just do the bare minimum! The holidays are a perfect time to get ahead. Therefore don’t only do the three assignments that are due, try to also give yourself time to get ahead on readings and start revising for exams. Future you will be grateful.


Tip 3: Remove Distractions! It is so easy to get distracted, and that is even truer in the holidays. Put your phone in another room, don’t work in front of the TV, and don’t make 300 cups of tea a day.

Tip 4: Reward yourself! Going on from tip 3, you can use your distractions as a form of reward. After you have read a chapter of your text book you can scroll Instagram for 10 minutes, or after you have finished your essay draft you can watch ONE episode (yeah right…).


Tip 5: Location, Location, Location! Switch up where you are working, it will keep you engaged and less tired. Study outside in the sun on a nice day, in your room, at the dining room table, at the local library, at uni, etc. Don’t stay cooped up in at your desk.

Tip 6: Study buddies! For one or two days throughout the holidays get together with some school/uni friends for a study session. Be wise and choose people that you will actually get some work completed with. But, a little company and laughter will do you good.

Tip 7: Rise Early! Just because it is holidays and you could sleep until dinner, try not to. Try to get up at the same time you do whilst at school/uni as this will keep your body in a rhythm and also give you more time to be productive.

Tip 8: Do stuff for you! As I said in tip 1, plan your weeks so that you have some you time! Go to the beach, go for walks, have brunch, and do whatever else makes you happy. Just do it in moderation so that your work also gets done. Trust me you will feel less guilty eating your smashed avo after completing your report.






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