How To Add A Little More Space To Your Bedroom

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Our bedrooms are quite special in that most people will not see this space, aside from those invited in a professional capacity or those who are close to us in some way. To this end, while you may limit some of your wildest design ideas around the rest of the house to make it a more pleasant space in general, in your bedroom, you can afford to get wacky. 


Of course, this isn’t to say that you will. It might just be that you’re interested in the humble things in life that nevertheless have the best effect, such as increasing its space. Of course, there are some measures in which you can add space to the bedroom in a physical capacity, but also methods of adding this impression, to help the room seem a little airier and light. As far as that is considered, this can help open many questions relating to your design ideals and philosophies going forward.


 In short, this renovation and goal can be very fun. Let’s advice you to that best end:




Consider the storage you utilize within your bedroom, and how this can be creatively applied. It’s very easy to simply suggest that hiding all of your belongings under the bed, or purchasing more storage hanging baskets, or simply throwing out items is the best way forward. But that’s not always the case. Perhaps something creative, such as a sideways rowboat design could serve as a beautiful bookshelf, and give you more of a peaceful and nautical theme to match your light blue walls. Storage, creatively applied, gives you extra space while also improving your home’s aesthetic.




The light you utilize is a great thing to consider. When you care for it, you would be surprised just how much it can improve the perceived space of your home. For example, a 2 mirror wardrobe can beautifully reflect the light around your room, while also giving you a means to further inspect yourself as you prepare your outfit for the day. Larger window installations, or a sunlight within your home (provided you have no arched roofing above your bedroom) could provide you with that open-space you have always hoped for, seeing the beauty of the stars above as you fall asleep at night.




The practicality of your bedroom will be important to consider when hoping to add space. What do you really need? Might it be that you are able to bring out your comptuer desk and terminal and instead place that between the open plan that connects your living room and kitchen environment, or might you renovate that spare room for this purpose? Additionally, it might be that certain design elements, such as a chair that has gone unused for some time, might be worth using in another environment or throwing out completely. A bedroom should be indulgent, but that shouldn’t have to impress upon your practical needs each day.


With this advice, we hope you can add a little more vital space to your bedroom.

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