How I use my diary

For some the physical diary may be a thing of the past, as our emails have automatic calendars and we all carry around a phone which has diary functions, but for me, my diary is one of my most prized (study/work) possessions. I love the fact that each year you can pick an adorable new diary and that you can look back on previous year’s diaries to reminisce. Ever since I can remember my gran has kept a diary which she puts everything in- from the weather, to all of her families events (even if they do not involve her). I used to think this was strange, but now I admire her organisation and love the fact we can pick any of her diaries up and have a wealth of information.

This is how I use my current 2016 diary- which is from Paperblanks ( and I love it!

Bullet journals- I have a bullet style to-do list for each week, which is generally written on the ‘Monday’ page unless that is already full. I highlight my completed items- that way the more colourful, the better! You do not have to limit bullet journals for just to-do lists, they are also useful for so many other things including budgeting, keeping track of exercise and shopping lists.

Events- Obviously, like most people, I use my diary to keep track of all the events and meetings I have, I put them in even if they are small and seem insignificant.
Small details- Pay days- including how much money I put into my savings, who’s food-shopping week it is, what gym classes I did, when I ordered online products and when they should arrive. My diary is filled with so many small life details.

Important thoughts and notes- If an important idea for my Ph.D. pops into my head I write it in the diary, or if I go to a meeting and there are important points that all gets put in there too.
Stickers! To make my diary more fun it is filled with stickers- a lot of which are from Etsy (these are some of my favourite shops)


Important things to remember for next year are also already there.


  1. I love it! I feel exactly the same about the physical book its self rather than electronic, and being able to look back and see how far you’ve come!! Glad to find another planner/journal-er ❤️😍

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