How a PhD is like being a Survivor runner up

Not only did we have a bachelor with a PhD but the runner up of Survivor Australia 2019 was also a PhD student! Watching the show got me thinking…. a PhD is a little like Survivor.

  • You eat a lot of rice and beans
  • You need to defend your thesis to an advisory panel of experts like the Survivor finalists need to defend their game to the Jury
  • You are thinking about the PhD every minute of everyday like the Survivor players are thinking about the game
  • Every time you think a challenge can’t get any harder, it does
  • Your supervisor just pops in randomly to throw a spanner in the works like JLP does
  • You have a lot of sleepless nights
  • Messy hair, comfy clothes, and an unwashed face is acceptable
  • Sometimes you just need to cry to your loved ones
  • It feels like you haven’t seen your friends in 487 days
  • Only people who have done a PhD know how hard it is, like only survivor contestants know how hard living on a beach in Fiji for 2 months is




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