House Details; Dining Room

The dining room may just be my favourite room in the house. The character of the fire place and size of the bookshelves are reasons that I fell in love with this city cottage. So I wanted to share some specific details from this room.


One side of the bookshelves is basically completely full of books (aside from a little plant at the top).

Some of my favourite books are on this shelf…


Alex and Me 


Nineteen Minutes


It’s what I do




The mantel piece has a train that Steve’s Grandpa made and the Champagne bottle that I popped when I submitted my thesis!


The other side of the bookshelves has some books but has a lot of other meaningful ‘Knick Knacks’ including goblets (shot glasses) that I got from a second hand shop!!


Finally the dining room has a corner full of wine and spirits which is getting a little messy as we need another wine rack and I would love a second hand alcohol cart.

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