Home Makeover: 2020 Edition!

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There is nothing like a new year to do new things to your home. You have twelve months to make changes before the Christmas decorations go up once more, and whether you are aiming to sell your house or just do things to make it feel better, you have the time now for a home makeover.


There is an awful lot that you can do within your home, from renovating the space to make the rooms bigger, to bringing in the roofers for a new roof, there are options. You may want to enhance the interior or the exterior – or both – but you do need a plan in place. This is 2020: changes are ahead!

  • Start With The Landscaping. Your house is first viewed from the outside, which means that you need to do what you can to make it look good. Whether you are selling or not is irrelevant; it should be tidy for your own pride! Bringing in DD’s Landscaping to ensure that the front and backyards of your home look fabulous? That’s just a smart decision to make. You can change your home’s landscaping entirely if you wanted to; change is good!
  • Upgrade Your Fences. Fences take a battering, don’t they? With the rain and wind, it’s no wonder they end up tired and wonky in the end. The house may not have fences attached to it, but it’s all part of the curb appeal of your home for your fences to stand strong and stay tidy.
  • Paint Your Front Door. Speaking of curb appeal, the way your front door presents to the public matters. A peeling and broken front door is one that doesn’t invite people in. Give your front door a new look and updated color, and change out the door fixtures, too. This upgrade will transform the entire exterior of your home with minimal cost and effort.
  • Upgrade Your Attic. We talked about renovation earlier on, and an attic renovation adds both space and value to your home. It’s a big job to renovate your home, but if you are focused on an extension that gives your home more, then it’s worth the time it’ll take!
  • Replace Your Windows. Going from single pane windows to double glazing is a big deal. It’s a cost, of course, but it’s going to save you money on heating over time. They’ll add value to your home while at the same time ensuring that you are warm and cosy. You can also reduce the amount of damp and mold in a home with double glazing! You won’t’ need to worry about the cold and wet coming into the house anymore.


These are only a scraping on the surface of the upgrades you could be doing to your home this year. Please give them a go before you moving onto bigger things for 2021!

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best ways that you can makeover your home this year.

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