H2(Oh)? The Water Secrets Travellers Don’t Know

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Catching a lift via plane to an exotic destination is a dream come true for many people. Simply get on the huge Boeing container, sit back and relax, and wait for the adventures to start. Ah, bliss. Of course, travelling isn’t a picnic. As well as staying safe, you’ve got to understand the best ways to stay healthy. Take drinking water, for example. Something you take for granted at home isn’t widely available in some countries. Here’s a map if you are unsure. But, staying hydrated is essential to health so it’s a bit of a catch-22.

Below are the H2O secrets that will help travellers while abroad.

Bottled Water

Please don’t drink water out of the tap. In some countries, it’s easy to follow this rule because sanitation is an issue. India is a prime example. However, other nations seem as if they follow the same standards, and this is where the problems start. Even countries in Europe (but not where I went), such as Spain, aren’t great regarding H2O out of the tap. And, if they can drink it, it doesn’t mean you are eligible, too, as a small level of water displacement can lead to illness. Stick to bottled water or use a filter if there is one handy.

Glue Cap

You may think that bottled water is one hundred percent foolproof but you’d be wrong. Sneaky vendors trying to save money and make a profit all at once haven’t got the time or cash to follow the rules. Instead, they take empty bottles, clean them out and fill them up with tap water. How do they fool people into thinking it’s legitimate? They glue the cap on the bottle. Always check the plastic for any signs of damage and don’t buy anything from anyone dodgy. Plenty of genuine suppliers will sell bottles so there’s no need to panic buy.

Healthy Teeth=Healthy Body

While you’re away, some of your better habits will go out the window. The average person cleans their teeth twice a day and flosses at home. Plus, because DFY Dental is leading broadway dental care, they visit the dentist too for help and guidance. Unfortunately, you may struggle to do the same abroad. Before you judge, just wait until you’re in this situation! Thankfully, water can help as it flushes away the bad bacteria. And, don’t fall into the trap of thinking oral hygiene is cosmetic. Links between mouth health and overall body well-being prove that the teeth need TLC.

Quench Hunger

The main thing to do in a hot climate is to drink plenty of the good stuff. Obviously, with the partying, it’s hard to keep up with the daily requirements. Still, there are hacks which perfect for travellers. Start by using water as a way to quench your hunger and ease appetite. Eating isn’t always an option, especially when you have no money, yet H2O can fill up your belly. Because it’s bloated, the hunger pangs will go away.


Enjoying an experience of a lifetime is the main goal, but don’t forget to top up on water as well as your tan!

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