Grin and Bear It: Battling Dental Anxiety

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A fear of the dentist is something which many of us suffer from, but it is one which can have a significant negative impact on your dental health. There are a range of different reasons why people are afraid to let anyone else get their hands on their pearly whites. It could be down to a loss of control, the fear of pain, a sense of embarrassment or some negative past experiences which are rooted in your mind. While we can’t promise to fix your phobia right here, we can provide some practical advice which you put into practice. Open wide!


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Recognise Your Fears

Before you do anything, you need to understand and recognize what is causing your fears in the first place. Obviously, they are going to be very personal to you, and one of the best ways of putting your finger on what is troubling you is by first writing your fears down, and then talking about them with someone close to you. When you go to the dentist, you can then explain to them what you are afraid of so that they can help to provide some reassurance.

Find the Right Dentist

You need to find a dentist who you feel comfortable with. Perhaps you could get a personal recommendation from a friend or family member who has similar fears to your own. Maybe you could seek reassurance from their level of experience or practice history. You can find a lot more information online these days on websites like Bowral dentist. If you can, visit the dentist beforehand to make sure that you are comfortable with the surroundings.

Bring a Friend During Appointments

Rather than going in by yourself, you can seek support from a friend or loved one when you go in for your appointment. Whether they just stay with you in the waiting room or they are allowed to go into the treatment room with you, it can help out in a big way just to have a friendly face there with you. Go along with someone who doesn’t have the same fears and apprehensions as you. But you also want to make sure that it is someone who is going to be supportive and sympathetic to your concerns.

Use Relaxation Techniques and Distractions

One of the best ways that you can stay calm during the treatment is with some relaxation techniques. Practicing some slow and steady breathing techniques is a great way to relax your muscles and slow down your heartbeat. When you are having the treatment, it can help to find some ways to distract your mind. Listening to music, squeezing a stress ball, and occupying your thoughts with a counting exercise can help in a big way.

Dental anxiety is something which can cause a major problem to the self-care of all sorts of people. However, it is a phobia which you can battle – and these are some of the techniques which will help you to


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