Girl’s “Mini Vacay”

As we (my office girls and I) are hard-working Ph.D. students, who never, ever take breaks and work ourselves into the groud, we thought we deserved some R & R, and we took a two night “minivacay” to the beach. Okay, so we do not work ourselves into the ground and we take breaks (as some of my other blog posts would show you), but we still deserved some R & R… I mean everyone deserves that!

Wednesday (5th October) – We actually spent the morning in our office getting a little bit of work done, we all knew we would feel less guilty spending the next two days relaxing if we were semi-productive. Then, at lunch time, we were off! When we arrived at the resort we were staying in we couldn’t believe how fancy it was (we had seen pictures but they didn’t do it justice), especially since we got it at a bargain price! Our room had an amazing view of the pool, golf course and ocean in the far distance. Sitting on the balcony made us feel instantly relaxed (what ethics application??), and we enjoyed just sitting there for a little while before we drove down to the beach.


Look at that view!


That night we went to the restaurant at the hotel and ate an absolutely delicious meal with delicious cocktails to boot! We had an early dinner to make sure we were in bed, PJs on and wine in hand for the Bachelorette (man we are party animals).


Thursday (6th October)- After a little sleep in we awoke and enjoyed a coffee and breakfast on the balcony. We watched some women playing golf in their buggies and I remembered how much I wanted to hire a buggie to zoom around the course- unfortunately my bank account did not agree (such a dreamcrusher that one!).


We were planning on spending the day beach hopping and that we did. South Australia has so many jaw dropping beaches and we visited some of the best!

After the first stop at second valley I was running into the deli when two young children yelled out to me:

“hello, you are an adult?”

Wow, way to bring my mood down youngings, I replied:

“yeah ,it is not fun”- better they know now.Although later that night when I was sipping on my second cosmopolitan I remembered there are some very fun aspects of adulthood!


The next beach was rapid bay, where very nearly got bogged in the car park. I am not sure how we avoided it, but I am extremely grateful that we did. We are three very capable Ph.D. students, but I am not sure that we would have got ourselves un-bogged. I think we would have just accepted the fact that we lived in the car park now, I have always dreamed of living on the beach front!


After a couple more stops we decided to head into a conservation park to see an absolutely stunning beach (according to google images anyway), so we paid our park entrance fee and drove down a ‘sealed road’ which was not really sealed at all, for about 15 minutes. We then got to a sign that said “3kms to blowhole beach- 4WD only”. NOOOOO! As we all piled out of the car to check the map we looked over at my car- it does have four wheels, but unfortunately that is not all we needed. We decided not to tempt fate and instead sat in the car looking at the google images photo and imaging we were there.


We then drove back down the road which should have probably only been used by 4WD anyway and got back to the hotel room. We snuggled in and watched ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’ (great movie!), before getting ready for round two at the restaurant- and of course we were back in bed for Bachelorette and Googlebox.


Friday (7th October)- We again enjoyed coffee and breakfast on the balcony before checking out, and checking back into reality. Actually not really, we decided it would be very unfair to check into reality on a Friday so we took a slight detour and winery hopped for the day. Enjoying platters, views, and more sunshine.

We will most definitely be going on many more mini vacays. How else will we get through our Ph.D.?

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