Getting a routine back

Having an effective and productive routine is hard for anyone, and it is particularly hard when doing a PhD as my work hours are not consistent. Over the last month I have really been trying to find a more effective routine to try to make me a little less stressed, a little less sad, and a lot more organised.


So far these are the small changes that I have done.

Regular morning alarms- I used to set a different alarm for each morning depending on how late I stayed up/what I had planned in the morning. Now I have the same time alarm for every morning that I go into work.

Work from home on the same day each week- I work from home one day a week and I decided that Mondays work best. By having the same day off each week it means I can plan my week activities easier.

Cooking dinner using Hello Fresh- I have recently signed up to Hello Fresh food boxes, which means I get sent ingredients to cook different vegetarian meals. It has made me  excited about cooking dinner again, and means I am eating healthier.  It also saves me time planning meals and going food shopping.

Shower at night- I have always showered in the morning, as I thought I needed one to wake up (but now I know that is what coffee is for). So now I shower at night, because I have found that when I get home my head feels really stuffy, and having a shower definitely helps.

Take Frodo for walks- If you follow me on instagram and watch my instagram stories, you would be aware that Frodo (my German Shepherd), is a little rascal. I have been doing a lot of work with him and he is now well behaved enough to go on walks (he used to be too excited). Taking him for walks is a nice way to break up the evening.


Still more to do- Even though I feel that my routine is the best it has been for a long time, I still want to make some more changes (particularly fit more exercise and reading into my weeks).



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