Gap Year Road Trip Survival Guide!

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University can be a brain drain. It can also be a physical drain. But one thing that many people find useful in resetting themselves, is to spend the time after academia by having a road trip! This article is your quick guide to the essentials that you will need when you embark (if you embark!) on an amazing road trip!


The Car (If you have one)

This is a must have for the ‘road’ trip. It would not be a road trip without the vehicle! The best part about it, is that you do not need a car, as in today’s world we have the ability to rent a car that is perfect for our needs! However, when taking the car or renting a car you need to make sure you have a few things that you need before you take off for your road trip! One of those is fuel! Make sure you have a full tank before you leave. You may need to fill up on the road, but having a full tank from the start will help you get well away on your travels!

Also, think of the storage for your car. Some people may need storage solutions such as a Rhino Rack to pack your equipment. Is there enough boot space in your car. All of these are big factors that you need to consider before you set off on your road trip!

Bring Survival Equipment 

You never know what might happen on the road! A first aid kit, torches and plenty of blankets and other equipment are always a great choice when thinking about taking some survival equipment on your journey.

Pack Your Travel Adaptors

If you are travelling to another country like Spain or France, then packing some adaptors to make sure you keep your devices battery charged is a good idea! Phones are really useful not only for YouTube and games, but also if you need help or directions, so always keep them charged. 

To add to this, perhaps a power bank may also be a good idea here, as then you can charge your device, when you are out and about and do not have access to mains power.

Clothes Clothes Clothes!

Clothes to Fit the Climate

This should not be something you need to be reminded of, as we always need clothes even when we are not on a road trip, but packing the right clothes is essential. Are you going somewhere cold? Then be sure to pack thick thermal layers in your baggage. Are you going during the summer months, and the weather is sure to be warm? Then packing lighter clothes, both in texture and colour is always advised. 

Bring the Right Currency

Again if you are going abroad make sure you have the right currency, as some roads may be toll roads, so you will need that countries currency in order to pay. Also going out and exploring the country will require money so make sure you have currency before you go!

Last but not least, bring You!

Last but not least, you! Bring yourself and have a wonderful time, as road trips are always fun, exciting and will teach you something new about either a new country or your own!


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