Fun ideas for the office


If you are lucky enough to have great office pals (like I do), then it is easy to implement some fun into your days in the office.

Here are 3 ways we have used the whiteboard in our office so far!

#1- The Laugh or Cry Scale:


When tackling a PhD, many things go wrong, so our office came up with the “laugh or cry scale”, because as the saying goes if you don’t laugh you’ll cry. We use our ‘Bitmojis’ from snapchat as our little people.

#2- The Gratitude board:

The gratitude board was where each week we would write what we are grateful for, no matter how small. Some that we listed included: Beetroot Hummus & the attractive new barista.

#3- Our Mood Board:


Currently, the whiteboard has been turned into a mood board. We found funny pictures/memes that best represent the PhD journey.


Stay tuned for what will come next on the whiteboard (we don’t even know ourself)


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