Five shows to watch to increase motivation

Although binge watching television shows is possibly the worst way to be productive, I know we are all going to do it anyway. So here is a list of shows which can motivate you to do well in your studies and careers (after you’ve finished watching the season of course!):

Grey’s Anatomy- Every time I watch Grey’s Anatomy, I have a desire to study hard, sit my GAMSAT and become a medical doctor (although, I know it is in no way that easy). But Meredith, Christina and the rest of the gang, make being competitive and smart look so bad ass. Those 80 hour weeks look bearable and apart from almost dying or actually dying from almost anything imaginable, life as a surgeon, at (former) Seattle Grace Hospital, looks pretty darn fun. But instead, I settled for the Dr. title, without the stethoscope.

Suits- Suits makes me want to study law at Harvard… or at least pretend that I did. Again, the crazy long hours the corporate lawyers clock look enjoyable- full of take-out and flirty paperwork sessions. Having a kick-ass woman run the law firm is also extremely motivating…and I just really want Jessica’s whole corporate wardrobe!

The Big Bang Theory- Although less ‘serious’ than the previous two, Big Bang Theory still motivates me to get that Dr. title. Although when I have finally ‘made it’ as a researcher I hope I do not live in an apartment with a roommate the way Sheldon and Leonard do. All the scientist characters work hard and have some huge research achievements, whilst also overcoming the hardships that go along with academia. We could all do much, much worse than Sheldon in terms of his intelligence and dedication to research.

Criminal Minds- Criminal minds is actually what got me interested in psychology in the first place. I aspired to get that exact job. Criminology and forensic psychology still fascinates me, although I now research in a completely different field. Again, all the characters are dedicated to their work-I mean they drop everything to get on a plane and they always solve the case in unrealistically quick time #goals!

New Girl- Although New Girl is actually full of people who, for the most part appear to work very little, I aspire to enjoy my work as much as Jess enjoys teaching and Winston enjoys being a policeman. It is not only about being competitive, hard-working and bad-ass like the previous shows I mentioned, it is also about loving what you do.

So there you go, there is a lot of hours of television for you to binge through…. whilst also completing your work of course ! 

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