Fitting Exercise Around Your Studies

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You’re a busy person, and you’ve got a lot of responsibilities in your life, and most of all, you’ve got your studies to keep up with. They take an awful lot out of you, and being able to commit to them and do well means you’ve got a promising future ahead of you! But in the meantime, how healthy do you feel? How much exercise, or just basic physical movement, do you manage to fit into your current schedule? When you’re stuck at the library all day, how numb do your legs go whilst you’re sitting there?
Well, now’s the time to make a small and quick change, and try to fit more exercise into your hectic studying routine. This is your chance to make your time at Uni go a little smoother, and feel a lot prouder of yourself when you get your finals done at the end of the year! So here’s a couple of tips to follow.


Don’t Force Yourself
Of course that sounds like the antithesis of what we’re talking about here, but when it comes down to it, if you’re trying to force yourself to do an exercise you don’t like or can’t manage, you won’t be able to keep up with it! You don’t want to dread having to do exercise, not when it’s something that’s going to make sure you’re feeling a bit healthier and happier whilst you’re getting through your Uni years.
So make sure you find yourself something to do that you both like and can see yourself keeping up with – swimming instead of running, yoga instead or aerobics, using the Wii Fit instead of going to the gym… Whatever it is you need to do or use to make sure you stick to the bones of a workout routine, make sure you do it!
Think About the Movements You Already Make
You’re already moving lots throughout the day. Walking to and from the shop down the road, jogging to catch the bus or the train, dancing in your room after a long day of lectures and you’re left with a bunch of cooped up energy – we all have examples of movements like these in our lives!
So why not take these to the next level, and make a real exercise routine out of them? Start walking full time, and going on hikes at weekends? Try out some Dance Lessons in your spare time, because you absolutely love to get your groove on? Pick up a friend and go on a calm jog around the block? All of these ideas will count towards being healthier, and making time for yourself in a schedule that so many people out there don’t seem to cope very well with.
Your studies don’t have to take over your life completely, and you’re always going to have a few minutes to yourself during the day. Put them to good use!

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