Film Festivals for your ‘Bucketlist’

I went to my first film festival last year, but am now truly on the bandwagon. They are always such a fun and insightful few hours, and are a great way to support film makers!

There are so many different film festivals to suit everybody, but I have come up with a list of 5 that should definitely be on your Bucketlist! Some I have attended, and some are on my very own Bucketlist!

1). The Ocean Film Festival– This was the first film festival that I went to last year and I also attended this year (I loved both!). I’m sure it does not come as a surprise to many of you that I would enjoy this type of festival as marine conservation is the topic of my PhD. But everyone I know who has been (non-conservation students included) loved it. This festival travels around Australia (but I have a feeling it also travels internationally). For more information see here:

2). BANFF Mountain Film Festival– The original mountain film festival. This festival always showcases an array of stunning and exciting films! The films that travel around the world are the best of the film festival held in BANFF each year (which I must also say is on my Bucketlist!). Anybody who loves adventure (or appreciates watching other people adventure) would love this. For more information see here:

3). Cradle Mountain Film Fest- This is one that I have not yet attended but it is on my list. I absolutely loved Cradle Mountain (in Tasmania) so it is a great excuse for me to return. The films also look great, and again fall into the adventure category! For more information see here:

4) International Science Film Festival (Scinema)- I recently attended scinema for the first time and had no idea what to expect (aside from science films). I was surprised by the vast array of topics shown in the films, from conservation, to health research, to women in science and I was also surprised by the different filming styles, from visually stunning (with no words), to seriously funny. This is definitely a film festival for people who enjoy learning new things! For more information see here:

5) Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (NYC)- This is another one on my Bucketlist ! Who wouldn’t want to watch the world’s best wildlife conservation films in New York City?! Need I say more? For more information see here:



  1. Hi there, hope you can make it to the Cradle Mountain Film Festival in 2019! We had a blast this year and added heaps of workshops and fun that I think you’d like 🙂 March 29-31 2019

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