Feeling Flushed? Drinking The Toxins Out Of Your Body

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Lactic is something that all of our muscles produce. It’s a waste product or normal cell behavior but if it piles up and up, then we feel groggy and tired. The skin also produces its own toxins that are again, a normal waste product of normal behavior that our skills cells must go through to keep us protected from the elements and the sun. Again, if this is allowed to gather and gather we will feel less inclined to be active. Toxins have a way of making us feel as if we don’t have the energy to live a better life with more excitement but in truth, they act like a mask. The muscles are ready and willing but they are literally drowning in their own mess. In order to flush our body of these natural toxins we have to look towards nature. Natural but more so, organic produce is the best tool to use when you need to feel energized for the day ahead. There are so many recipes and ways to consume them that there’s no excuse for you not to try!

Natural energy is pure

Many of our soda drinks and energy drinks are made up of simple sugars. They are a wham bam, punch in the back kind of way to get your energy for the day. They give you a big boost but the drop is even steeper. When you drop down from the energy high, you again feel tired and then need more and more of the same drink. This costs money and it’s not healthy for your body. Instead, you need natural sugars that are in organic fruit smoothies. However, try not to mix too many different fruits all in at once as what you only really need a berries. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberry are all full of wholesome natural sugars. These digest quicker and last for longer in our system than anything a lab can conjure up to produce an artificial boost.

But it’s good for you

The first few days are going to be good when you get on a fruit smoothie breakfast diet. However it’s going to require some persistence to make sure you keep going along with it. Cutting out the bad habits that only put you 1 step forward and 2 steps back is a start. The benefits you get when you quit drinking, will blow your mind as not only do you get a healthier gut and less hard fat that accumulates around your intestines but you get much better skin. Your complexion clears up from being bloodshot with spots, to a monotone and glowing appearance. Water is not so easily lost through the pores either which allows you to retain more water in your skin but also for your bodily functions. You won’t have regular headaches as your body tries to find some place to dump the toxins out of your system.

There’s no better energy source for your body than what nature has already provided. A mixed berry smoothie diet for your breakfast or lunch is a superb way to begin detoxing your body.

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