Featured ‘Day in the life of’ : Victoria, PhD student in biochemistry.

I’m a second year Biochemistry PhD student. I’m 24 years old and I’m originally from Belarus but have been living in Miami for the past 13 years. In my PhD, I’m studying various outer membrane protein found on mitochondria.
I fell in love with science in high school when I took AP Biology and did my undergrad in Biology as well.
During my free time, I try to exercise, read books, go the beach, and try new food.
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During the month of August, I’ve been getting up later to enjoy my slow days before classes start again. I’ve been getting up at 7:30AM-8AM.
When I get ready and have breakfast. During a regular semester, breakfast is always on the go so it’s been nice to have breakfast at home.
I live about an hour away from my university so I’ve been waiting until all the traffic dies down to go. My boyfriend and I have been commuting for the past couple of weeks.
Finally made it to lab so now it’s time to get some work done. Today I’m finishing an experiment before I go on vacation on Friday.
Since I ran out of a reagent and don’t want my plate to go to waste, I decide to do another experiment with my cells.
I always eat lunch around 12PM. I prepare my lunches on Sundays for 4 days. I try to have a balanced lunch that includes protein, carbs, and veggies.
While my plate was incubating, I went to the gym for a quick run. I keep some gym clothes in the lab all the time just in case I have some free time.
Finished my experiment, time to head to my sisters place to see my niece and nephew. I usually leave the lab earlier but I had to do a lot of reagent prepping today.
I’ve spent a few hours buying my nephew school supplies and filling out all the paperwork that’s need for his school. I also helped my niece fill out all the paperwork for her school as well.
After showering and having a snack, I’m finally in bed and ready to go to sleep.

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