Featured Day in the Life of: Sidhartha, PhD student researching cancer biology.

I am working on establishing or rather finding if there is a correlation between development of lung cancer and age, smoking, dietary habits, other environmental factors. We are looking for SNPs which are present in the lung cancer patient and trying to link them with the above mentioned factors. For this we are using PCR technique to amplify our required SNP segment and then cutting it with R.E. to find if there is a mutation present in that patient DNA. If yes then we try to find a relation between that patient and his/her family history, and all the factors mentioned above.
This way we are hoping to find a biomarker specific for lung cancer more specifically NSCLC which can be further utilised to produced specific drugs  which we like to call a personalised medicine approach.
Here is what a ‘typical’ day looks like for me:

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