Featured ‘Day in the life of’: Rosalind Miller, PhD in Global Health at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

My research focusses on practices of retail pharmacies in Bangalore, India. My fieldwork included a standardised patient (mystery shopper) survey of Bangalore’s pharmacies. This involved trained researchers presenting at a random sample of 333 pharmacies with standardised cases of diarrhoea for an (absent) child and suspected tuberculosis. I also conducted in-depth interviews with pharmacy workers and other key informants.

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7am- I am NOT a morning person but my daughter insists on waking up around 6.30am everyday so we have to drag ourselves downstairs for some breakkie.


8.30am- make our way to nursery/work and always wave hello to the Hanuman (Hindu monkey God) statue en route


9am- I drop my daughter at nursery with one of her beloved key workers!!


10am- After around half an hour into my morning work (a local NGO who kindly granted me some office space) it’s eagerly awaited chai time


11am- Out and about looking for pharmacies in our sample


11.30am- Conducting an in-depth interview with a pharmacy owner


12.30pm– My main research assistant and I beating the heat of the day with some coconut water from the roadside


1.30pm – I go to a central meeting point in Bangalore to collect completed surveys and medicines purchased by my researchers from their standardised patient visits.


2pm– I grab some lunch centrally at Indian coffee house (great dosas)!


3.30pm– Back to the office to arrange more interviews, supervise data entry and check-in, either on the phone or in person, with members of my research team…. and of course more office chai!


5pm- I am home to spend a couple of hours with my daughter in the playground


8pm– The little one crashes out


9pm– Dinner, chill out, and then arrange the routes for my research team for the next day

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