Featured Day in the Life of; Rachna, cancer biology researcher

I work in the field of Cancer biology – Glioblastoma and fibroblast to be more specific and Neuroscience (Caenorhabditis elegans). You can find Rachna on Instagram and also read her blog.
Picture 1 : Getting fueled up for the day by a mug of coffee. Most essential part of a researcher’s life😂
Picture 2 : Checking on my babies – Glial cells.
Picture 3 : Checking emails. Most important communication while applying for a PhD program in a different country.
Picture 4 : Cell culturing time, nourishing and pampering the cells.
Picture 5 : Lunch time and relaxing in my second home – The Laboratory.
Picture 6 : Analysing data for the day. Keeping all the records ready. Best way to avoid messing up during thesis submission.
Picture 7 : 4th cup of Coffee of the day…One last time because going home after a hectic day is a real struggle haha.
Picture 8 : All smiles because day was well spent and experiments and data analysis done as planned. Who says perfect day doesn’t exist ?
Picture 9 : Fav TV cartoon show to end the day with some fun. Never let go the inner child in you😛

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