Featured ‘day in the life of’: Patricia, Radiopharmaceutical research chemist.

The fifth featured ‘day in the life of’ post is from Patricia who is the person behind the instagram phdfitclub_

A day in the life of Patricia (radiopharmaceutical research chemist):

I am radiopharmaceutical research chemist working in Denmark. I am Canadian and I completed my PhD in chemical biology 1.5 years ago. My research is centered on synthesizing, radiolabelling and evaluating new molecules that can be used to improve current methods of disease diagnoses and treatment.

7:08am: Wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy…and enjoying the view outside my window.

7:33am: Hydrate your life. I start my days sipping on this lovely bottle.

7:55am: Taking advantage of the very early Danish spring sunrise and getting in that morning workout.  A run through the park in the sun day is a great start to the day.

9:51am: Working on making radioactive molecules often requires special equipment. We try to minimize radiation doses as much as possible so we make the robots do the work for us. These wires and tubes are behind a bunch of lead – keeps the radiation contained. This work is done at a controlled facility at the research hospital.

11:37am: Lab selfie…well just because. Made something pink that day ☺.

12:08pm: We have a functioning kitchen at work so it makes it easy for me toy portion out my ingredients and make a pretty decent lunch plate.

3:52pm:Mixing molecules together. I cook at home and in the lab. Here is a very basic synthetic set up. Mix together and stir…

5:33pm: Getting that data. Analyse, analyse, analyse.

7:09pm: Setting up reactions to deal with in the morning.

8:34pm: Chilling out at home relaxing with streaming video. Current youtube obsession: Akilah Obviously ☺.


I hope you enjoyed reading about Patricia’s busy day, and enjoyed seeing what ‘life after a PhD’ can look like!

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