Featured day in the life of; Parmida, Psychology PhD Student

Hi! I’m Parmida and I’m a final year PhD student in Psychology at Oxford Brookes University (UK). I have a BSc (Honours) in Psychology and MSc in Developmental Psychology. My PhD research is focused around children’s education development, specifically investigating how parents perceive home numeracy learning experiences of their primary/elementary school aged children. I’ve developed a new research tool to explore factors that influence parents decisions to engage their children in some numeracy activities more frequently than others. The findings will help to bridge the gap between home and school learning.

You can find me on Instagram (@phd_travels) and on Twitter (@Parmida_PhD). My Instagram mostly features photos of places I go hiking or cities I visit, and my Twitter is focused around my research topic and advertising my studies to recruit participants.

The day which I chose to feature here is a typical working day from home…enjoy!

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08:38am – I wake up at 8am and start work around 08:30am. For the first 20-30 minutes, I check the news and social media, read and reply to emails and make my to-do list for the day.

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09:38am – Today, my morning work starts with looking through my list of literature to find a pattern in existing findings on the educational values parents hold towards home numeracy learning practices.

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11:05am – Now time to pop out for a meeting with a potential recruitment collaborator.

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12:58pm – Lunch time! I thought since I’m already out I would grab lunch at PAUL café (highly recommend it).

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14:12pm – Ok back to work. I’m starting my afternoon with some reading to get inspiration for planning out my next chapter.

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16:19pm – Chapter planning and writing underway. I like using A3 paper to plan out my chapters as I find making it more visual (i.e. using bullet points, arrows, and diagrams) helps me with structuring.

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18:05pm – So every day around 17:30pm I like to finish work and do some stretching. I find it helps me relax and releases any tension in the muscles. I sometimes get lower or upper back pains from days I sit in front of the laptop all day, so I also do some Pilates style back exercises (highly recommend this).

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19:20pm – Time for dinner and catch up with friends.

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22:18pm – Calling it a day. In case you’re interested, I’m reading ‘A Darker Shade of Magic’ by V.E. Schwab.

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