Featured day in the life of Megan, Education PhD student

Hi, I’m Megan and I’m a third year PhD students in Education at Edge Hill University (UK) (@megan_loveys on Twitter and @thatphdgirl_ on Instagram). I’m researching the assistive technology use by visually impaired students in one further education college. I’m interested in finding out the individuals experiences and perceptions of assistive technology and how they may experience challenges due to societal stigmas and stereotypes. I really don’t have any day that is the same as I work interchangeably between my university, Liverpool libraries and cafes, and very occasionally, at home. Either way, I’m going to share a typical day in the life of a ‘university day’. I thought this day would be particularly interesting as I was teaching my undergrads too.


6:30am – I set my alarm for this time when I need to be on campus for 9am. I snooze it until 7am when I actually get up. 7:22am I am frantically trying to make myself presentable for teaching, usually leave the house without breakfast (bad, I know).


7:30am – I leave the house and start my commute to university. I live in Liverpool city centre so the drive usually takes about 30 mins. I have to arrive at university by 8am because any later and I risk not actually getting a space! Our campus is extremely busy this time of year as everyone is about (nursing, trainee teachers, the lot). It quietens down after Christmas and we can panic less about parking.


8:10am – I’m in the library, printing and ensuring I have everything ready for the 4 hour lecture ahead. I also check my emails and just compose myself a bit! Between 9am and 1pm I was teaching and therefore, nothing to report.


1pm – Lunchtime, finally, some food. The lecture finished early so I managed to grab some lunch and settle back down in the library to start the ‘PhD stuff’. Today I bought lunch as they make the best fresh sandwiches and wraps in one of our many cafes. This was a meal deal.


1:43pm – I like to do some PhD related work whilst I’m on campus. This day, I was working on my methodology chapter as I needed to submit something to my supervisors in preparation for a supervision meeting.


3:06pm – Still in the library, but now I’m in the silent area. I love it in here. I’m one of those people who cannot focus with noise around me, so this is my spot. Unless, I’m eating and working at the same time as per the previous image.


5:44pm – After a very successful afternoon of writing, I’m finally leaving the library and heading home. The days that I’m not on campus I usually fit the gym in too. However, when I been busy here all day, I tend to just want to go home and relax.


7.25pm – Having relaxed for a while watching a bit of Friends. I’m now enjoying a chickpea and lentil curry. I’ve been trying to change my diet towards incorporating more plant-based foods and less meat products. So far, I’ve been enjoying it. This curry really filled me up.



8:15pm – Bath time. This is my all time, favourite part of the day. I have a bath most nights as it really does relax me. The only thing is, I tend to fall asleep straight after because I’m that relaxed. So, the next photo will come as no surprise.

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