Featured ‘Day in the life of’: Laura, Chinese calligraphy PhD student.

Hi all! I am Laura  (@duoluola on insta) from the Netherlands, currently in Spain, and I am writing a PhD on Chinese calligraphy – trying to connect different fields of practice that I think belong together. It’s been great, but now I am in the final phase of editing which is a bit less fun, and I am trying to tie it all together. This month I am so, so lucky to have a house in Spain to write, with no other responsibilities whatsoever, so let me guide you through my day.


OK, this is very untypical, I never have problems sleeping! A weird dream woke me up. Annoying, but I did see some stars from the bedroom window!



Managed 1 more hour of sleep, yay. Coffee first, and then working on an edit of my chapter on water calligraphy. It’s sometimes disheartening to re-read stuff from 2 years ago – it feels old, badly written and outdated already! I guess that means that you’ve grown in the process, if you have to be positive about it 😉


I am looking at my fieldwork materials again for this chapter. Water calligraphy ( 地书) really never fails to impress me.


Lunch! Lovely Spain, lovely sun. I made gazpacho. Bit too garlicky, but great tomatoes and olive oil.


Off to the village for some groceries


Aperitivo! It’s Friday, after all.

snapchat-999805149 (1)

Just one glass, and seeing what I’ve done today. Some authors, like this one, impress me so much because of their writing style. It seems so effortless, and it makes me sometimes sad that I can’t write academically in my mother tongue.


 I made a lentil stew with smoky paprika and picked the rosemary and thyme from the mountains yesterday. Now relax for the evening and sleep soon!

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