Featured ‘day in the life of’: Kristina, Animal Conservation Student

The second featured ‘day in the life of’ post is from Kristina who created the blog https://conservationistkrissy.com/

A day in the life of Kristina (Animal Conservation student):

Growing up on the small island of Guernsey I fell in love with the ocean and the beach. Due to its isolation however, l grew up longing to travel and experience exotic wildlife. At the age of 26 that flame glows as strong as ever. I have been lucky enough to work as a scuba assistant instructor in Australia, climb mountains in Indonesia, track lemurs in Madagascar, and work alongside conservationists in South Africa.

I am 6 weeks away from finishing my Animal Conservation degree, after which my fiancé and I will move from Bath to Cornwall where I will start my Conservation and Biodiversity masters! 😀 In addition to college, I volunteer for Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust in their research centre, where I assist with data processing, event support, and miscellaneous other tasks. I basically love writing about conservation, talking about conservation, living conservation, and to be honest, I think I sleep conservation (and wildlife!). In our ‘spare time’, my fiancé and I love working out together at our local crossfit box and, when we’re not training, we spend as much time as we can outdoors; any chance for me to hike, and I will hike!!

8:52am – The last few months have been incredibly stressful, but you have caught my ‘day in the life’ blog on easter break.  Therefore, I have taken the edge off the pace somewhat.  That being said, Daniel and I still got up at 6am for our usual 7am workout at Crossfit Bath.  This is one of the ways I actually unwind so I was glad I dragged myself out of bed!  This is me and my post workout shake taking a breather on the back porch…..the neighbour-hood cat was meowing at me loudly just out of shot.

9:33am – As college has taken up every second of my life for the last few months I have a fairly lengthy to do list that I have not touched, so I set this morning aside to tackle a few of these tasks.  My morning included writing a sustainability article for Durrell’s members’ newsletter, event support for Durrell’s next event, and trying to find a new house to rent in Cornwall (in 6 weeks!!!).

12:05 pm– I didn’t see the need for another snap until now because I barely looked up from my laptop until I’d ticked off those jobs ^^.  Over the last few weeks my lunch break has consisted of me grabbing a bowl of food and sitting at my desk with it.  Today, I actually took a lunch break (!) and read my book for a bit.  All this actually did was send me into a sleepy coma which was rather difficult to pull myself out of, but it beats working for 10 hours straight.

1:42pm – For dessert I got out the house and took to my local haunt – Boston Tea Party.  I often come here and spend hours drinking coffee and working; sometimes it’s actually the atmosphere I need to get my head down (bottomless tea helps!).

I spent this afternoon trawling through my masses of dissertation statistics which I keep finding a way to procrastinate about, but I was happy to crack on with it.  It’s actually so much easier to want to get on with work when you don’t have constant deadlines looming over you!

2:14pm After I’d had my fill of coffee I popped out to run an errand.  I am also an ambassador for One Species (shout out to this incredible organisation fighting extinction) so I headed to the university of Bath and a few other places to paper their walls with promo posters….reppin the entire time with my REPLIFE tee :).

8:07pm I’m sorry I didn’t snap for four hours….all I did was get another hour of statistics in, housework, and then dozed until Daniel got home and we made dinner.  I took the evening off work completely which was a relief (I have a habit of not being able to put my work down until Daniel tells me it’s unhealthy to keep going :P).  We vegged on the sofa and watched one of my all time favourite (and Daniel’s….I think) programmes – Grey’s Anatomy.  I pretty much just watch it on a continuous loop ha!  (in and around other series of course).

21:46 Bed time.  Simple as that.  Night. :)-


I hope you enjoyed reading about Kristina’s day, and don’t forget to check out her blog. We are looking forward to the next featured day in the life of post!

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