Featured day in the life of: Karina, PhD Student in sports management.

Hi, everyone, my name is Karina and I am a first-year PhD student in sport management at the University of Paris-Saclay (France), but I am originally from Almaty, Kazakhstan. My PhD thesis is a continuous journey from my master thesis for which I analyzed the organization of major sports events that were co-hosted by two or more countries, e.g. European Football Championship in 2012, co-hosted by Poland and Ukraine or Cricket World Cup in 2015 co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand.
Now, as part of my PhD, I am looking at the various sports federation’s governance and event delivery models and the extent to which they affect the positive or negative event delivery at such multiple host country scenarios. The findings will help to identify the criteria of models that promote the most positive hosting experience for co-hosts.

You can find me at my fairly new Instagram account where I share my PhD tips @karina.mukanova.phd and my main page @karine.mukanova. Feel free to stop by both of them! 🙂
Enjoy my typical work day from home, the lockdown edition.

1 - morning glass of warm lemon water

1. Every morning I start my day by drinking a decent amount of warm lemon water. It helps me to wake up, to boost my immune system and to get my digestion going.2 - making breakfast

2. After a nice shower and a little clean-up of my studio, I am waiting for my coffee to boil as a final touch before finally having my brekkie. Today, it is granola with berries and yogurt with a sprinkle of honey and some chia seeds.3 - finally all set to work

3. It took me some time to start my work going this morning, as I had to order online my best friend’s birthday present and talk to another friend on a video call, as we don’t get to see each other these days because of the quarantine.4 - got the delivery

4. Well, after struggling with my back for 10 days, I thought I should get a laptop holder . Got it delivered today and excited to test it!5 - lunch time

5. The dish of the day is plov, which is a traditional Central Asian dish with chicken, rice and carrots. Definitely, the nice spice game is what makes this dish my “go-to” . Do not hesitate to ask for a recipe.9 - wine and cheese time

6. Still doing my work, but something’s changed now.  The eye-level situation of me and my laptop. What a bliss for my back and productivity! 8 - after workout satisfied face

7. I have not finished my daily work plan today, but no way I am skipping the Instagram live functional workout by @oysho. They have launched workouts absolutely for free at their account for all of us staying at home during these uncertain times.6 - keep working with my new laptop holder now

8. I thought I would not finish this workout, but I did. I am very proud of myself!7 - workout ready

9. Oops, forgot to show you my dinner, but it was pretty much the same as my lunch. It is better to feature here the “after the main dish” part which is very traditional here in France, camembert cheese and red wine. Much needed after today’s quite a good day, I would say!

10 - netflix (apple tv) and chill

10. Yeees, finally in bed, chilling and ready to watch my TV shows. Good night, everyone!

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