Featured ‘Day in the life of’: Jackson, working in a financial planning graduate position.

I work full-time as the Inaugural (first) Financial Planning Graduate at one of South Australia’s largest companies; People’s Choice Credit Union, whilst also completing my final year of a Bachelor of Finance at the University of South Australia. The day I have decided to capture in this blog is a normal weekday in my life (Minimal sleep, Work, Study, a regular gym routine and repeat). Obviously University has finished for the year so you may be wondering what ‘study’ I am completing; I have an Advanced Diploma to complete over summer, as the field of Financial Planning requires multiple certifications (not just a Bachelor’s degree alone, like many professions).

I’ve been working full-time (usually between 50-60 hours a week) and studying continuously (without a break!) for two years now, since I was 19 years of age. It’s tough and at times I burn out like the majority of you also would but I try to remind myself the opportunities that we each have growing up and living in this Country (and the rest of the developed world) as compared to our less fortunate Brother’s and Sister’s around the globe who have never and probably will never get those same opportunities, that’s what motivates me to continue grinding on the daily!


4:31am: Time to get up and at it, I usually wake this time or sometimes snooze the alarm until 5am, depending on if I’m lazy and skip the gym in the morning!


5:39am: I skipped the gym, have already eaten my first (of two meals) for Breakfast and I am now hitting the books for around an hour before I head to work, as I have two exams to sit this week for my Advanced Diploma.


6:55am: About half way into the commute to work (Yes I’m getting a lift in and not snapchatting whilst driving!). As I have moved to the Western suburbs of Adelaide my commute is now cut to 30-40 mins each way rather than an hour and 15, which it used to be for the past two years at my old home back North!


8:06am: I’ve been at work for around 45 minutes and have managed to read and respond to all emails, check the international Share market performances and news stories from the night before, whilst just grabbing my first cup of caffeine for the day. Time to get kick-started on the major work tasks for the day!


11am: I had been approached earlier in the morning by the Marketing team to step out of the office at 11am to take some quick snaps; to promote the 2018 Undies Run for Bowel Cancer, which my Credit Union has solely run for several years, which is yet another reason why I chose to sign on with this unbelievable company, as they do so much more for the community and those who are less fortunate, then any other financial institution or arguably 95% of companies around the globe!

I strongly encourage you all to register or donate to this great event (all funds going to the Cancer Council, you can do so at the link below:



11:27am: A few hours break in between snaps, I’ve had multiple meetings and have been consumed by my work, which has been time-critical for over a month! Due to my individual team being flooded by new business flowing into our Financial Planning Department (which is great), I also had to step out for a marketing campaign surrounding the 2018 Undies Run for Bowel Cancer; which was pictured above.


9:47pm: I have finished the work day, over another hour of study (after work), have had dinner and have somehow managed to find an ounce of energy and mental motivation to will myself into doing a solid 45 minute workout at the local gym. I would not recommend exercising at this time of night, but sometimes as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson would preach on Instagram ‘you have got to find a way to fit your regular, consistent ‘anchor’ into your day’ (no matter the hour).


10:12pm: Oops! I lied when I said I had finished study for the day; another 30 minute session with a quick protein shake before I hit bed around 11pm for some much needed rest!

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