Featured ‘day in the life of’: Hannah-Beth a graphic designer, student, & lifestyle blogger.

A day in the life of Hannah-Beth (Graphic designer, student, & lifestyle blogger):

Hannah-Beth is a Graphic Designer, student, and blogger from the Dallas area of Texas. She runs the lifestyle blog OhHeyHannah.com where she writes about college life, productivity, and career tips.


7:26 a.m. – I got kind of a late start this morning, but I don’t take too long to get ready in the mornings. I spend most of my time making my lunch for the day and packing my gym bag which you can see on the ground.

27:45 a.m. – I had an avocado that was almost too ripe to eat, so I had some of that for breakfast and lunch along with my morning coffee. My pretty avocado toast turned into an avocado sandwich in the car while I drove about 20 minutes to work.


8:13 a.m. – I almost always start my mornings by planning out my day in the bullet journal system. I use other planners for long term projects, but I really rely on my bullet journal to get me through my day.

49:39 a.m. – As a graphic designer I work for my city’s parks and recreation department and make the activities guide. I use adobe programs like InDesign and Photoshop to make our magazine functional and pretty.


12:04 p.m. – Since my summer class has started I’ve had to make sure I go to lunch right on time to avoid being late. Today I had a buddha bowl with chickpeas, zuchinni, corn, tomatoes, pesto, and preserved lemon peels, also a sparkling water. I try to eat vegetarian for breakfast and lunch to keep healthy and reduce my carbon footprint a bit.



12:38 p.m. – My work is very close to school, so right after I eat I change into gym clothes before driving to class. I prefer changing at the office instead of in the gym’s locker rooms.


2:24 p.m. – My summer class is only 5 weeks long, so we meet for four hours a day Mondays-Thursdays. This day we took some notes from a lecture and talked about an upcoming project.

83:39 p.m. – Our professor ended class early so I worked on some sketches we were assigned for homework. I also walked over to the on-campus gym and found an area to do some blogging.


5:42 p.m. – I did some light rowing on a machine after I finished writing a blog post and did a really good yoga session.


7:12 p.m. – My boyfriend and I meet up at a smaller gym to do crossfit, which is a really intense group workout. Crossfit focuses a lot on olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, and cardio. This day we did handstand pushups on the wall and deadlifts.

118:55 p.m. – My boyfriend and I live together and eat dinner pretty late usually. Tonight we had BLTs and chips while we watched a movie.


10:38 p.m. – I always try to end my day with some reading in bed, but usually I end up sitting on my phone until I fall asleep.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Hannah-Beth’s busy day, and don’t forget to check out her blog & Instagram!

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