Featured ‘day in the life of’: Crystal, Undergraduate student & student assistant.

The fourth featured ‘day in the life of’ post is from Crystal who created the blog https://thescienceinquiry.wordpress.com/.

A day in the life of Crystal (undergraduate student & student assistant):

My beautiful face (plus the rest of me) is a baby-undergrad student in Orange County of the state of California, USA, with plans to major in Conservation and Marine Biology. In my 25 years of pretending to be a functional human being I’ve hit pretty much every major roadblock life can throw at me and that’s probably why I love my beer-flights. Currently, I’m a student assistant in hybrid beginning-intermediate algebra courses on my campus, so my days are dictated by my work schedule, and I squeeze my personal course-work in between the classes I work in. Mostly this means I spend my weekdays puttering through what I can, and the weekends cranking out some serious calculus and English mojo. I’m not a terribly confident mathematics person in my own life, but working with 5 classes of algebra improves not only my math skills, but my ability to empathize with myself, and better adapt my study style to my learning style, through trial and error teaching others similar content.


7:14am: Early mornings everyday- I’m on campus and working at 08:30!

7.477:47am: Prepping the night before helps my still-sleeping brain stay in low-stress mode.

8.368:36am: Coffee’s done at 07:30, but I don’t get to enjoy it’s sweet siren’s song until I’ve settled into my first working-class of the day. It’s a challenging class because the teacher is still in her first year of teaching, and it’s a non-traditionally organized math course, focused on group-work and applications, so EVERYONE is learning.

11.4311.43am: From math to math… Calculus sleeps for no woman, and Newton has it out for me, I swear. I’m a slow math student, so I sink a lot of extra time graphing, practicing and reviewing because math is genuinely very challenging for me to visualize and internalize.

12.4712.47pm: But I’m not only in calculus! My English class- the last!- is all about critical thinking. My professor assigned Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, which makes my not-so-inner sci-fi nerd super happy~

17.315.30pm: and I’m done working for the day, thank goodness, because I need a break, so I chill until my better half is done at 18:00.

19.087.08pm: My significant other is my best friend, and being STEM majors together we lean on one another quite a bit, so when I’m burnt out, he’s probably right behind me. Our shared hobby is food, and milk/Thai iced tea light bulbs were apparently a thing we needed.

21.409.40pm: From tea to a late dinner- there’s an amazing restaurant that’s strategically located near our community college that’s open till 2am. We’re trying to make it a habit to go out with other friends, and as long as we all have our homework, we can pretend we have time to socialize!

22.2710.27pm: But we’re hardly ever out late, so its home again, home again, jiggety-jig, and time for bed before another early day…


I hope you enjoyed reading about Crystal’s busy day, and don’t forget to check out her blog. We are looking forward to the next featured day in the life of post!


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