Featured ‘Day in the life of’: Connie, PhD student researching obesity and diabetes


I am Connie from @life_of_learning. Currently in my last year of my PhD program studying obesity and diabetes. I’m at the thesis editing stage and hoping to graduate soon!


At 06:30, I wake up. Depending on when I have to get into the office, I wake up at different times. This is a typical Monday for me.

At 08:15, I arrive at work. I work for an hour in the morning in office hours for a science outreach program, where I match volunteers with local elementary and highschool classrooms. Volunteers would go to the classrooms and teach science. I love this program! I am so glad that I get to work with amazing volunteers and teachers.

At 09:27, I am here editing my thesis and looking up references and taking notes on them to study for my defense.

At 12:38, ... I rush to volunteering. I have to commute by a bus and train to get to a Senior’s Home where I volunteer with patients in a long term care home. These patients typically have Alzheimer’s and do not remember me. But it is so rewarding to work with them. They are great. I usually play bowing with them or chat with them over tea and biscuits. It is a great break for me and I love talking to people! Everyone there is so nice and every time I tell them about my research, they love it!!

At 14:25, I get to each lunch, and commute back home! My Lunch on the go today is a Ham and Cheese Sandwich that I can eat on the run. Since I am currently thesis writing I am not going back to the lab. I get to go home and edit my thesis! It is so great being a graduate student sometimes because I get to work wherever I want, my schedule is flexible and I can work later in the lab if I am working at different jobs during the mornings.

At 18:25, I am prepping dinner. Typically Mondays are a little chaotic and I make one pot dinners. For some reason even though I get home early… time just passes by very quickly.

At 19:42, after finishing dinner I watch a bit of Netflix and relax. Is anyone else watching the Tidying up With Marie Kondo? #tidyingwithmariekondo

At 21:13, Monday’s are typically Laundry days. These are the evenings that I use to clean and put my laundry away… I try… this doesn’t always work. Folding isn’t my strong suit…Can Marie Kondo help me with my tidying xP?

At 22:42, I am doing a bit more work on my thesis, or my job with the science outreach, or I am also an instructor at the university so sometimes I am preparing lectures for teaching.
At 23:44 I pack leftovers for lunch and get ready for bed.

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