Featured ‘Day in the life of’: Christine a 1st year PhD Student and ‘Scholar Culture’ blogger.


A Day in the life of Christine (a 1st year social work and political science PhD student & blogger):

Hey Scholars! I’m Christine. After finding my profession as a social worker, I have found my passion for helping other students, friends, and colleagues who are driven to succeed in academia. In some way’s higher education is out of date, I want to help modernize and socialize academia for millennial’s and younger generations.

Scholar culture is a blog for scholars who are searching for tools, academic guidance, and a space to socialize with others who are not too cool for school. It is a place where students empower students by sharing experiences to increase confidence and happiness as scholars.

If you want to learn more about Scholar Culture, check out our video here.

If you want to learn more about me and my research, visit the Meet Christine page on the blog.

Looking forward to connecting with you on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or send me an e-mail at christine@scholarculture.com


7:12AM: Alarm was set for 7AM but I snoozed of course – if you don’t snooze, are you even a real human?


7:25AM: But first, coffee.


8:10AM: Morning yoga and meditation. My favourite pose – feet up the wall. Allows my anxiety to settle and puts me in a good headspace for the day.


8:45AM: What’s on the agenda today? Checking out my Trello board (see blog post on why I love Trello here)


10:00AM: Getting in a good Instagram shot – lighting was on point. Oh and another coffee of course.


11:11AM: Homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch. I love making a big batch of this so I can eat it all week – why does soup make you feel so good?


11:45AM: Off to my PhD Seminar (starting at 12:30PM), have my trusty backpack with me, I love it – check it out more here


2:53PM: Leaving school and taking the O Train to get home


3:35PM: Readings for my Theoretical Foundations course – I need to present this paper on Thursday


10:36PM: Skype with my boyfriend who is in Toronto, while I am in Ottawa – long distance BLOWS


11:00PM: Time to pass out – I have a bit of a headache, hoping this peppermint essential oil stick and lavender eye mask will help! Sweet dreams.


I hope you enjoyed reading about Christine’s day & don’t forget to check out all the links she provided!


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