Featured Day in the Life of; Anafi, PhD student at Energy Electrochemitry Laboratory.

My name is Anafi, an Indonesian that currently studying at South Korea. I am in 3rd year of an integrated student (or you can say 1st year of PhD) at Energy Electrochemitry Laboratory, Kumoh National Institute of Technology. I want to share (not precisely) my daily activity, because until now, I am still trying to get a balance between my own life and my lab life. Perhaps I will go home early today because I have online meeting at 9 pm. Typically, graduate students in South Korea work in the lab until almost late night, and so do I. Last time when I worked for metal-assisted chemical etching (Mac-Ecth) project, I spent more than 12 hours in the lab because the experiment time itself was 6 hours- 12 hours. Thankfully, that project has ended, and now I am working on an oxygen evolution reaction (OER) project.

I live on-campus dormitory, which very close to my lab. I usually wake up at 8.20 or 8.30. After wake up, I open the window and inhale some fresh air.

I need 30-40 minutes to get ready, so I go to lab at 9 am. It takes 3 minutes by walking from dormitory to lab.

I start my day by drinking a cup of coffee, open the email, and prepare what I should finish during a day.

I have an experiment today. It takes 2 hours or more depends on the result. It looks simple, but actually, I have to repeat a lot of time. Last week, I spent around 5-6 hours.

Having lunch with friends is my favorite. I cook my meal 1-2 times a week. Just prepare a bunch and divide for couple days.

At 1 pm, I start to continue my work. For today, I have to check my experiment results and analyze them. I also have to prepare ppt for progress meeting with my supervisor tomorrow.


Summertime brings high humidity, and it is not suitable for our desiccator. So, I have to maintain low humidity.

Snack time. One day before progress meeting can be so stressful.

Dinner time.  I decide to go to dormitory and take a rest for a while.

Get some fresh air. I sit down for almost a whole day, and sometimes my back is so painful. Walking or jogging helps me cure it.

I am a secretary of Indonesian Student Association in South Korea (perpika.kr) for 2019-2020. Today I have online meeting with other members.

After taking a shower, I usually read a book for a while. It can be a textbook or any book. When the clock shows 12.00 or 12.30, then it is time to sleep.

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