Featured ‘Day in the life of’: Amy, a PhD student investigating the impacts of climate change on food and nutrition, and a yoga teacher on the side.

An Aussie PhD student (yoga teacher on the side) investigating the impacts of climate change on food and nutrition security and non-communicable diseases in Vanuatu currently doing a professional development stint (aka internship) at the World Health Organization in Geneva (it’s a hard life).  Find out more at my blog Pina Colada PhD.  A typical day?  Not really…the joy of having work freedoms and flexibility!

Also check out Amy’s instagram here

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1.  A little peek out my window in my new Geneva apartment (I’ve been here 2 days!) now that the sun has finally come up and I can see it’s a beautiful Autumn day.


2.  First things first – coffee!


3. Coffee #2 and starting work.  Getting some emails and admin out of the way and then onto reviewing papers for my second literature review.


4.  Yoga break!


5. A little bit of Netflix while eating lunch :p


6. And back to the papers….and coffee #3 (no judgement!)


7.  It’s after 2pm and I finally venture out into the cold


8. Recon mission to make sure I know where I’m going for my first day at WHO HQ on Monday….seeing the WHO building for the first time does generate a bit of nerdy excitement (OMG this is really happening!)


9. As does the United Nations building


10. And then a little bit of ‘turisteando’ (as they say in Mexico)….Lake Geneva


11. Yep I’m Europe


12. And a white Christmas this year!


13.  Those papers I brought with me come out of the handbag untouched :p


14. Tea and little bit of Netflix binging to complete my day!


I hope you all enjoyed Amy’s day!

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