Favourites; Mandy the Monstera

I am obsessed with house plants. While I am not really sure where the obsession began, it has grown into has a collection of about 20 plants (in a fairly modest sized townhouse). I love showcasing ‘my favourites’ on the blog and I thought that showcasing my favourite houseplants was only fitting.

This is Mandy the Monstera (Monstera Deliciosa). She sits proudly next to the desk in the home office and has recently been upgraded to a large pot- in the hopes that she will boom. They are really hardy houseplants that enjoy sunlight and small amounts of water (they won’t hate you if you forget about them for a little while).


  1. Just got my first monstera the other day, I’ve dreamt of one for ages so am so happy!! I love that you’ve named yours, mine is called Morticia 😄

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