Favourites; Kevin Murphy Hair Care!

A few years ago I always shared my favourite products on this blog, and I thought it was about time to bring it back (because I have more time to dedicate to the blog again!!).

I have recently committed to shorter hair (shoulder length) and with that I have committed to actually putting more care and effort into my hair, rather than a top knot for 5 days in a row…

Kevin Murphy is my favourite shampoo and conditioner – it is a little bit pricey but the difference it makes to my hair is so noticeable. My hair is shiny and much less tangled. It is also cruelty free.

You can purchase all of the Kevin Murphy products from myhaircare.com (my personal favourite as delivery is quick and I find the prices really competitive).


I do have an affiliate code with myhaircare.com you do not pay anymore to use it and I genuinely purchase my haircare from this website. 



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