End of year rush: Tips for productivity

If you are anything like me, you would have had many goals for how much work would get done this year. And if you are even more like me, now that there is approximately 2 weeks left of 2017, you are beginning to realise those goals were ambitious (at best).

Even though, I will not be completing all of the things that should have been done, I am still needing to be as productive at possible during this busy time.


So these are my tips:

– Set realistic goals: Determine what really needs to be done before the end of the year, and make sure that these are realistic goals. These should be your focus for the next 2 weeks.

Write a list: Write a comprehensive list of what you need to get done (both for work and your personal life). Write down any meetings, office parties, lunch catch ups that you have, any presents you need to buy, bills that need to be paid, everything. So that you don’t forget anything important

–  Plan out your days: Once you have listed what you need to do and what you have on, plan out the next two weeks. Work out which days are busy and which days could be used to tackle those harder tasks (that require a couple of hours)

– Do some of your holiday shopping online- Going to the shops at this time of the year is the worst (okay, slight exaggeration, but it’s not fun!). So do some of your shopping online to save time.

– Use any spare time that you have- Use the hour in between your work meeting and lunch date to reply to those emails, or spend two hours working later to get ahead on something. Be smart with your time

– Take time off- Enjoy this time of the year, have a long lunch and say yes to those after work drinks. It is a great time to spend with those you care about so make sure you give yourself the time off to do it



I hope you all have a productive, fun, and safe end to 2017.

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