Email Etiquette

Sending an email is an integral part of many of our jobs and while it seems so simple (and often it is) the email etiquette can make the whole thing very confusing. 

Email ettique

  1. How does one address the person they are emailing? Use formalities (Dr., Professor, Mrs, Mr ?), go with a full name? When is it okay to start using the nickname they use? ALSO PRO-TIP, no matter how you decide to address the email, triple check the spelling of the person’s name.
  2. Is using exclamation marks ok? I love using exclamation marks, as you can probably tell if you are a regular reader of my blog. But are they too fun and unprofessional? Is being fun and being professional negatively correlated (I hope not ?!?)
  3. I am sure many of us are aware of the power of the sass evident in the phrase “as per my last email”
  4. Does ‘sent from my iphone’ imply that I am a hard worker as I am replying while away from my desk? Or does it give off a chaotic vibe?
  5. How do I say “I would love to” without using the word love? Am I allowed to use ‘love’?
  6. What sign off do I use? Kind Regards, Kindest Regards, Thanks, Cheers? AH so many options
  7. Subject line? Don’t even get me started, I usually find this more difficult than the email

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