Dr.ofwhat…do you think about these books: 5th edition

It’s What I Do- Lynsey Addario


Quick overview:  Lynsey is a photojournalist who spent much of her career in areas devastated by war. The book follows her journey throughout the different places she worked.

Review: I enjoy autobiographies, but tend to read wildlife/conservation related ones. However, I really liked this one. It is written in a way that made me feel like I knew her personally so I found that I  was celebrating her wins and commiserating her despair.  Above all else, she is truly a remarkable person and people should listen to her story.

Who would like it? People who enjoy well written and exciting autobiographies. Also people who enjoy reading about strong and empowered women.

You, me & the sea- Suzanna Maher


Quick overview:  This is a coffee table book, filled with photographs and quotes, all related to the ocean.

Review: This is a great coffee table book! I love quote books, and I also love the ocean, so I obviously like this book. I think one of the particularly great things about this book is that it includes a lot of the quotes that I had never read before, which made it really interesting.

Who would like it? People who like the ocean, and appreciate interesting quotes.

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