Dr.ofwhat…do you think about these books: 4th edition

Disclaimer- Renee Knight

Quick overview: It is a thriller fiction about a women who finds a book in her house and as she starts to read it she realises the main character is her. The book forces her to relive her past and face her deepest secrets head on.

Review: What a book! Seriously one of the best books I have read. The story is enticing, addictive, and twisty. The writing is simple and the characterisation seriously special. I had genuine empathy for all the characters at different times throughout the book, making the twists all the more impressive.

Who would like it? Fans of Gone girl & Girl on the train!


Silent footsteps- Sally Henderson

Quick overview:  The story is about an Australian women who moved to Africa to help research and conserve elephant populations.

Review: The story is interesting and even surprisingly a little magical. I however did find that the way this book was written was a little difficult to really get into it and I thus did not enjoy it as much as other autobiographies.

Who would like it? People who are interested in conservation and wildlife stories and are happy to persevere with stories that drag a little. 

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