Dr.ofwhat…do you think about these books: 3rd edition


Animal People-Charlotte Wood


Quick overview: The story follows a man through one day of his life, and in particular focuses on the uncertainty he is experiencing about his romantic relationship.

Review: The descriptive way that Wood writes really made this book special- it is so simple in its story line, but the way it is written makes it impressive and interesting. Wood captures everyday events in a way that makes you reconsider how you view them. I did however find the ending a little strange and was left feeling a little underwhelmed.

Who would like it? People who enjoy reading easy story lines but appreciate finally tuned literature skills.


Nineteen minutes- Jodi Picoult

Quick overview: The story is about a school shooting and the legal case the follows the tragedy.

Review: I read this book a couple of years ago now, but I still remember it vividly. The story is so scarily realistic and relevant that it gave me goosebumps. It is  filled with many twists and focuses on different layers of love, and the extent that people go to for their loved ones. It also blurs the boundaries between good and evil in a simple and natural way, which is a true testament to Picoult.

Who would like it? People who enjoy twisty psychological thrillers and also people who enjoy books that make you think about certain situations in a different way.


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